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March 2005 - Visit of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark in Sydney .

Sydney was privileged to have the visit of the Princess Mary and Prince Frederik. As everybody knows, this little Tasmanian girl who became a Real Estate agent in Sydney caught the eye of Crown Prince Frederik Andre Henrik Christian ('Fred', in short - and 'Crown Prince Frederik Andre Henrik Christian' when he wears long pants) during the Olympic Games in Sydney in the year 2000.


Probably because Denmark didn't do so well in the Olympics (only two gold medals in Women’s handball and sailing soling Class), quiclky Frederick got bored and started looking at the pretty girls around rather than all those sweaty muscular shot-put throwers. Fair enough.

He found a pearl in the person of Mary Donaldson in this dark pub of Sydney and said "Hi I'm Fred" which is a pretty creative  opening line when you think about it.  He borrowed his father's French accent for the evening in order to make her laugh and that was it. She was hooked !
After that, and for the next 3 years they were seen both in Copenhagen and in Sydney and around Europe.
After asking permission to Queen Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid Oldenburg , his mother, they got engaged and then married. A bit tough though that she had to give up her Australian citizenship for that but she got a palace and a fairly big chance one day to become the Queen of 5 and half million subjects. Not quite as many as Freddie Mercury but not a bad score anyway.

Last week (March 2005) the company Farr, great maker of sailing yachts organised a world championship in beautiful Sydney.
Frederik put a Danish team together and flew down under.
Mary jumped on the opportunity to say hello to Dad and joined Frederik a few days later in Sydney. She even managed to beat her hubby in a race onboard one of these Farr boats. That should keep him humble for a while..

To summarize this week in Sydney, everybody loved Mary and Frederik and crowds were seen wherever they went. With a bit of preference for Princess Mary, our little Tassie girl who became a Princess !

On the pictures below, you will see Princess Mary at the official reception given in her honour by the Kookaburra Game. She was officially presented with her own copy of the Kookaburra Game and couldn't hide her joy to finally own one (She's been trying hard to put her hand on one for ages, but the Kookaburra Game is not yet available in Denmark where we are actively looking for a distributor)



As soon as Princess Mary came out of the car she asked her trusted bodyguard: "Wow, is that a Kookaburra Game I see over there  ?" She rushed towards it and couldn't believe her eyes when she was given one by Andrew: "Is that for me ? I'm sure it's a lot of fun !" she said to him
She was in such joy that she gave it to her special assistant with great recommendations: "Don't worry too much about the Anzac biscuits here, but take great care of the Kookaburra Game' she said. When they heard about the Kookaburra Game, the crowd went wild. "We want one too, they shouted !"



















During a recap of her visit to Sydney, she mentioned of course her visit to the Victor Chang Institute and beating her husband in one of the Farr 40 sailing race but she indicated that the highlight of her week was to receive her very own copy of  The Kookaburra Game !

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