auf Deutch !
The Kookaburra Game used to be hand-made and boy, was it hard work !
It was created in our garage (just like Apple Computer and Hewlett Packard - he said modestly)


Edualc Z Promotions P/L
Po Box 208
West Ryde NSW 2114

Originally we intended to paint them but it was too much hard work. Now they made of plastic although we'd like to make a 'hand-painted luxurious' set for collectors (and for us too !)    
The Original board: little pieces of cardboard on top of a recycled poster...
The animals were re-sculpted for the injection mould. Look at the tail of the kangaroo ! "No way, kangaroos never bent their tail"  the mould maker were told !    
  We went to Kirribilli Market in Sydney to sell the very first copy of the Kookaburra Game !

Beautiful, isn't it ?

9th September 2001 - The game is launched at the Reed Gift Show in Sydney Australia



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