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The Kookaburra Game educational CD-ROM 'Beautiful Australia'


Discover what's in it.

The CD-ROM contains over 300 breathtaking pictures of Australia, Australian animals, Australian customs, Australian history facts, and Australian things.
Each of them comes with a 'Did you know' comment that explains something interesting about the photo.
For example
Did you know
49 meters separate the Harbour Bridge from the water ?
Did you know 'koala' means "don't drink" in aboriginal ? 
Did you know
A Dutch captain discovered Australia 164 years before Captain Cook ?

There are 6 main sections on the CD.
Cities and Landscapes
Australian animals
Aboriginal Art
History of Australia

(If you are looking for troubleshooting tips, click here)

Here are a few screen shots of the CD-ROM

The CD is both in English and in German The introduction animation 'assembles' the elements of box of the Kookaburra game. If you've seen the animation many times you may want to skip it by clicking 'skip intro' By moving the mouse on the navigation icons (arrows etc..) it changes colour to green to show that you can click on it This is the main menu. The CD-ROM is split in these categories
Cities and Landscapes Takes you for a tour of the most interesting cities and regions of Australia
This the main map of Australia, you can click on any of the cities or regions on the map to see dozens of beautiful pictures of it.  For example: Sydney and the Opera House Uluru / Ayers Rock during sunset takes beautiful colours Western Australia and the BIG ram (sheep) in Wagin
Aboriginal art Shows how aboriginal artists work and some stunning artworks
Our aboriginal artist Darren Ritchie showing his interpretation of our game Showing the tools used to make beautiful aboriginal artworks
Australian animals Shows you beautiful pictures of Australian animals and gives you some interesting facts about them
The croc The koala The kangaroo The emu - here a splendid specimen of the Australian coat of arms !
A bit of History Tells you about the important dates in the life of Australia. Starting 60 millions years ago !
60 millions years ago .. when the continents broke off 1770 - James Cook arrives in Sydney. Not welcomed by everyone ! 1851 - the gold rush. Many fortunes were made, many were drunken 2000 - Sydney hosts the Summer Olympic games, 'the best games ever' !
Miscellaneous Tells about different things of Australia like flowers, flags, money, customs etc...
The Australian flag, showing the Southern Cross 20 dollars bill on an Alice Springs background Native flower: the Waratah Australia and the world map
Credits Tells you about who and how the people helped put this CD-ROM together. Usually with a beautiful picture in the background.
Mouse with barramundi friend John and baby camel Contrarily to what this picture may suggest, Janet is not the one who broke the London bridge on the Great Ocean Road
Learn about the music instrument of the aboriginal the didjeridoo, with one of the best didjeridoo player in Australia:
Michael Tosetto  ( )
Learn how to play a didjeridoo Listen to didjeridoo sample CDs Learn about Didjeridoo art

Of course this is only a few pictures taken off the educational CD-ROM of Australia. There is MUCH more in it !


Technical notice

The CD-ROM is recommended only for IBM PCs and compatible, running Windows 98/NT/2000 with a minimum of 156MB or Ram


  • The presentation should start automatically. If for some reason it doesn't start, that may be because of the settings of your computer. Don't panic: In Explorer, click on the your CD drive and double-click on kooka.exe. That should work.
  • If the presentation starts (you get a yellow square screen) but nothing more, most likely you have Windows Media Player running. Close Windows Media Player and start again
  • If the presentation is running slow, you may have many other applications running in the background. Close these applications to free memory. Or maybe your PC is getting old .. think about changing it !
  • In order to see the platypus video in the animals section you must have Quicktime installed. You can download Quicktime on the Apple website by clicking here


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